Reading Under The Stars

We have had a wonderful time this evening, reading under the stars. We all came together as a community to share our love of reading. Pupils brought along their parents, grandparents, brother and sisters to join our event – what an evening! We were asked to bring a book, dress in our PJs and bring a mug for hot chocolate…it was delicious!

Below you can see some spectacular images from the event!


The first of our guests enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate together!






Children received a St Mary Magdalene bookmark, as a free gift, as they walked in.




Families joined together to read and enjoy a fun-filled evening!




It was wonderful to see 3 generations reading together!






One of our children brought in a book from our visiting author, Christian Darkin!





We even had queues for our delicious hot chocolate!






Thank you so much to the parents, carers and guardians who encourage our children to read!




Books going worldwide!!

book world

Have you ever been to another country? Most people enjoy reading on their journey. We are very proud to announce that we will be sending 3 books to Las Vegas, Australia and Poland over half term. We want to see if we can express our love of reading across the globe. Do you think we can do it? We would love to see if people will pick up our books and read them. They may even contact us! The books we are sending are: Paddington,  The Twits and Matilda.

Reading under the stars



As some people may know, there is an event on Thursday 9th November 2017. This event is called Reading Under The Stars. In this event, you will get the chance to go to school after hours, in your pajamas! Make sure to come to school by 4:55 for a 5PM start. DON’T forget your golden star; it’s the only way to gain access to our hall. This is a special occasion, where you can bring your favourite books, teddies, blankets and a mug for hot chocolate.

There is even going to be a contest for the best pajamas! We can’t wait to see you there!!